Blood and fire will fall on Reynosa city, warned drug cartel by facebook

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About 12 hours before the violence that has been going on for almost a whole day without truce in Rio Bravo and Reynosa, had already alerted by an anonymous person through social networks that the violence would soon be unleashed and warned the people not to go outside to avoid harm to innocent civilians. 

The message that was published in a facebook account that is dedicated to alert of risk situations in Tamaulipas named Reynosa Código Rojo said:

"Avoid leaving the border Río Bravo, Reynosa, Progeso and Ejidos. Assassins of Matamoros are helping to Panilo commander and are ready to attack. The people have to be alert in the next hours, the violence will be brutal".
In this moment Reynosa city and Río Bravo is on fire of the Cartel del Golfo,
schools have suspended classes and authorities patrol the area but have not been successful to stop the shootings between the two rival bands of the
drug trafficking.

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